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Baby Blanket

A couple months ago, I was at JoAnn Fabric Store and came across the CUTEST fabric. It was super girly, though, and we hadn’t yet had our ultrasound to find out the gender of our little nugget. I bought it anyway, hoping for a girl, and figuring I can make a blanket with it and give to a friend expecting a girl if ours turned out to be a boy. I took it home, washed it, and folded it up and didn’t get around to doing anything with it for a few weeks. In which time we had our ultrasound and . . . GIRL! So I got right to cutting up that fabric in shapes to make a super cute quilt that I had a design for in my head. I FULLY planned on sewing it by hand and making it “extra special.”


Well, I got a few squares sewed together before the dreaded project A.D.D. took over and I got bored. Story. Of. My. Life.

I was in JoAnn another day, thinking I’d find some more of that fabric I fell in love with and start over with a much simpler pattern, and machine sew it so I could just get it done. (Machine sewn, hand sewn. Does it REALLY matter in the end?)

I couldn’t find the exact fabric. NOOOOOOO!

But I found a similar fabric that I fell even MORE in love with. SUCCESS!!!

So I found some fun coordinating fabric, and cut it into basic strips of varying widths, sewed them together, added some batting, sewed it to a backing and BOOM! One baby girl quilt done in one afternoon! That’s never happened to me before! I absolutely can not wait to wrap my baby girl up in this quilt.


That bright floral fabric on the very bottom strip is the fabric I fell SUPER in love with.

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